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Vision Tank Finalist

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hey Everybody!

Time for an update!

I'm excited to announce that OpenMV is a finalist for the Embedded Vision Summit Vision Tank 2024! Woot!!!

Being selected as a finalist gives us access to a free booth at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara May 22nd to the 23rd. So, if you'd like to say hello, come on out! I'll be there doing demos and answering questions. To that point, we've been given a discount code for for the summit that's valid until the April 26th for 15% off the ticket price. Use the promo code: SUMMIT24-PARTNER when registering online here if you'd like to come out and see what folks are doing with computer vision on the edge.

Also! I will be pitching OpenMV at the Embedded Vision Conference on May 23rd at 4pm PST for the Vision Tank competition at the conference.

Website Update

Last week was a marathon on doing website updates and pushing 3D CAD. Things are more or less complete now. If you haven't seen our product pages in a while check them out!!!

Show me what you got

Almost every product on our store now has an embedded Altium viewer so you can easily dive into the schematic and match it to the PCB design. And, we've also got 3D CAD side-by-side the product images too!


And if that wasn't enough, we also have accurate 3D CAD hosted on GrabCAD! You can download STEP files for everything we sell now to make it easy to build something with our technology.


Pretty spectacular! This was a tremendous amount of work to push through. But, we've now converted the vast majority of our legacy designs from Eagle to Altium now. Thanks to this we can generate accurate 3D CAD for everything we sell now.

Finally, I want to give a huge shout out to my man George Slezak! We've been working with George to do the Eagle to Altium conversions and generate 3D CAD from the resulting files. This would not have happened without his help. George has been incredible to work with. If you need an Ace Mechanical Engineer to help you out we cannot recommend him enough!

The PoE Shield is Finally Here!

That's right! We paid for production of the seven shields I promised for the OpenMV Cam RT1062 and the PoE shield is finally in stock! With the PoE shield you can now trivially get your OpenMV Cam RT1062 online and power it at the same time. The PoE shield works through the same MicroPython sockets interface as WiFi. So, you just need to change which network adapter is used to connect and you'll be online. Best of all, the RT1062 does a much better job streaming high resolution JPEGs via our RTSP scripts with the PoE shield. Buy it now and give it a try!

And did I mention - it comes with complete 3D CAD?

PoE Shield

As for the rest of the shields, they are in production now and will be on sale soon. We've already completed the product pages for them so once we get stock we'll be able to launch them too.

QWIIC Shield here too

We also are now stocking a super cheap QWIIC Shield which can be used to connect your OpenMV Cam to QWIIC devices from SparkFun.

QWIIC Shield

While not a game changing amount of new functionality, still, very useful to make your life easier.

Firmware v4.5.4 Released

And finally! We released firmware v4.5.4. We mostly fixed bugs in this new firmware release. However, it contains the new RTSP streaming fixes that make our code work with VLC now. So, you shouldn't see any more issues with OpenMV Cams streaming MJPEG video using the RTSP protocol. We will also be getting updates done soon to in order to make MJPEG web browser streaming better too.

Last but not least, erode()/dilate()/open()/close()/black_hat()/top_hat() got a huge performance boost using Cortex-SIMD (which applies to all OpenMV Cams). They are now literally 150% and 50% faster for Grayscale and RGB565 respectively. This number will only go higher on Cortex-M55 based platforms where we expect to see additional 4x performance gains for Grayscale and RGB565 image processing.

Anyway, that's all folks!