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Ibrahim created the OpenMV project back in 2013 In Search of a Better Serial Camera Module. His goal was to build a small, affordable, and expandable machine vision module. Over time the project grew from his blog to a Hackaday Project, then to a KickStarter, and finally to what it is today.

I joined the OpenMV project back in 2015 to help make it a reality. As the creator of the CMUcam4 I knew a thing or two about getting a product in stores. Together Ibrahim and me run the OpenMV project.

Anyway, thanks for checking out OpenMV,


OpenMV Team

A.K.A Professional Pixel Manipulators
Kwabena W. Agyeman (Linkedin)
President & Co-Founder
Ibrahim Abdelkader (Linkedin)
Vice-President & Co-Founder