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Fast FPS Firmware is here!

Hey folks!

We're finally done fixing all the issues uncovered by more users. OpenMV IDE 1.6.0 is now here along with firmware v2.4.1 which dramatically improves your OpenMV Cam's FPS (for both the M4 and M7 boards)! Here's short video demo below.


In other news, MacroFab has been paid for 2.5K new OpenMV Cam M7s and they've started production. Panels were purchased this week for all the new boards. Additionally, we're updating the build slightly to improve camera quality:

  1. We're going to be putting black stickers on the backs of each OpenMV Cam now to filter out light entering getting into the camera IC through the PCB.
  2. We'll be improving our Q.A. test to verify the USB and uSD connectors on each cam work after the camera is tested on our programming jig.

Release Notes

OpenMV Cam

  • Implement faster line detection algorithm.
  • Support line segments detection.
  • Support higher FPS on OpenMV 2 and 3.
  • Add data matrix support.
  • Add more small resolutions.
  • Enable UART1 on OpenMV3/M7
  • Enable VSYNC output on IO pin.
  • Fix QR Code bug.
  • Fix UDP recvfrom bug.
  • Minor fixes, typos and docs updates.
  • QR Code Kanji fix.
  • Upstream MP SCSI fix.
  • Fix binary ops names.


  • Updated firmware to v2.4.1 w/ fix for Windows 10 Creator USB drive issue.
  • Added label when frame buffer is disabled.
  • Added drawers that are displayed when panels are hidden.
  • FPS read out has more averaging now so it's more stable.
  • Fixed firmware re-programmer erasing flash drive always.
  • Frame buffer now tells you the ROI when you select an area.
  • Frame buffer now tells you the image res.
  • Random visual fixes to make the IDE look more polished.
  • Fixed editor crashing bug.
  • Improved text highlighting code to highlight more stuff.
  • Reduced read unblock timer for better FPS on windows VMs.
  • Fixed OpenTerminal run code so you can use it with longer scripts.

Late May Status Update

Hi Everyone!

Here's what's been happening in the last two weeks:

SparkFun Distribution

The OpenMV Cam M7 is available for sale at SparkFun now! When the product went live last week over 200 OpenMV Cams were sold on their website. Not only that, but, folks cleaned out our store too.

You can still buy OpenMV Cam M7s from our distributors around the world but we're sold out of cameras (except for a small stock of cameras reserved for replacements).

Anyway, we're leveling up production to meet the demand. We've started manufacturing again to build 2500 OpenMV Cam M7s with MacroFab. We expect to have more cameras in stock by the start of August. Until then you can pre-order from our website.

Normally the lead-time for building the above amount of OpenMV Cams would be longer but we placed the order for 2.5K OV7725 chips and STM32F765VI chips (i.e. the long lead-time components) more than 2 months ago.

Faster FPS

So, the OV7725 supports faster image read outs when the resolution is set to anything equal to or below QVGA. This allows us to DOUBLE the FPS of the camera at resolutions equal to or below QVGA. This fix, along with pushing the camera's PLL a little more allow us to get some massive FPS bumps.

For those interested, the OV7725 camera basically generates a stream of images that are sent to the STM32F7 chip at 120 FPS for <= QVGA and 60 FPS for > QVGA. When snapshot() is called we wait and grab the next image in the stream of images and store that image in RAM. Since images are not stored in a FIFO you're always processing the latest image. However, this also means that if your code takes too long in your main loop you miss the next frame and have to wait for the next frame afterward. So, with a higher image readout speed your OpenMV Cam now spends less time waiting for new images which increases the FPS.

Anyway, so, how much of of a boost are we talking about (w/ FB disabled on the M7)?

  • Grayscale Color Tracking QVGA ->56 FPS
  • Grayscale Color Tracking QQVGA -> 85 FPS
  • RGB565 Color Tracking QVGA -> 56 FPS
  • RGB565 Color Tracking QQVGA -> 85 FPS

Yeah! You can try out the firmware for the M7 here.

Obviously, the more complex the algorithm the less this speed boost will help - i.e. with AprilTags. But, for simple stuff like finding blobs and lines you should see a lot more speed.


Finally, I've relocated to San Francisco from Atlanta! OpenMV LLC will still remain in a virtual PO box in Atlanta but I'm in the Bay Area now.

Best regards,


Line Detection

Hi Folks!

We've finally cleared our backlog of OpenMV Cam M7s to ship. Everyone who pre-ordered their OpenMV Cam should have received a tracking number and... hopefully by now it has been delivered! OpenMV Cam M7s are now in stock in our online store and you can order one to ship immediately today. Also, we've totally sold out of the OpenMV Cam M4 too!


You can now buy the OpenMV Cam at a lot more places now! We're in SparkFun and Seeed Studio now!

New Features

You can now find lines at 30 FPS! Additionally, you can also find line segments at 15 FPS. See the video below:

We'll be releasing this new feature along with data matrix support soon! That said, you can try it out now here.