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Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hey all!

Last week I attended NIVIDIA's GTC and it was amazing! It was super exciting to see so many folks gathering together again! I remember first learning about NIVIDIA back when I was a high school student saving up to buy a GeForce 6600 to play Guild Wars. It's crazy to see what their technology is capable of doing now.

Anyway, so, what's been happening with OpenMV?

Production Updates

We've sent the PoE, Driver, Servo, Relay, RS422/RS485, and RS232/CAN shields to manufacturing! So, we hope to have things in stock shortly. The PoE Shield will be available first. And, like the RT1062, we're taking high quality pictures of all the new shields and will have 3D CAD available for all of them too.

Firmware Updates

In our most recent Development Firmware Release we finally fixed VLC RTSP streaming support. So, you should now be able to stream MJPEG video via RTSP to VLC, FFPMEG, OpenCV, and any application that accepts JPEG streams. In particular, the fix was to explicitly force YUV422 encoding. You can do this now with compress() by passing subsampling=image.JPEG_SUBSAMPLING_422. This should also fix browser MJPEG streaming for various clients too.

We're a Vision Tank Semi-Finalist

Thank you everyone for voting for us for the Embedded Vision Summit Vision Tank! Hopefully, we'll be selected as a finalist for the Embedded Vision Summit! You can see all of the Semi-Finalists here and you can watch our Pitch Video Below:

RT1062 Support on Edge Impulse

The OpenMV Cam RT1062 is now officially supported on Edge Impulse! You can now deploy models directly to its firmware flash using OpenMV IDE. That said, you can also deploy your model to the camera by downloading the TensorFlow model and loading it from the flash filesystem or SD card too.

OpenCV Live

Finally! I'll be on OpenCV Live this Thursday (March 28th) at 9am PST talking about OpenMV Cam. You can watch via Zoom or YouTube. Please tune in!

That's all folks!