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Pixels on Wasps

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on
Embedded FM

Hi all,

I was on Embedded FM last weekend talking about the OpenMV Cam.

You can listen to the podcast at - One Thousand New Instructions.

Embedded FM

Also, I will be at the embedded vision conference with a booth and pitching in the Vision Tank this week May 22nd to 23rd.

OpenMV H7 Plus Altium Port Complete

Finally! We have 3D CAD for the H7 Plus and a schematic that matches the board design. Sorry it took so long to clean up the files for this design. The original PCB was designed in Eagle, then we used a board design house to route the PCB who used Cadence Allegro, then the design had to ported back from Allegro into an intermediate format, before it could finally be imported into Altium.

H7 Plus
H7 Plus

You can view the design now via the Altium 365 webpage viewer.

With this, we are done porting all our designs from Eagle to Altium, and we now have accurate 3D CAD for all our designs - past, present, and moving into the future.

Now it's time to start designing 3D printable cases and mounts.