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The OpenMV Cam on a uArm

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi Everybody,

We've reached another milestone today with the OpenMV Cam being available as a reward for the uArm on Indiegogo.

uArm w/ OpenMV

Yes, they asked for some cross promotion and we agreed because it's just fantastic that the OpenMV Cam is now appearing in more places! With a uArm for your OpenMV Cam you'll be able to make cool projects like this automatic Face Tracking fan below:


Anyway, we're looking forwards to what people will do in the future with this kind of tech - automated 3D printer part inspection and removal comes to mind by using the OpenMV Cam to control the robot arm.

OpenMV Cam M7 News

Moving on, for the OpenMV Cam M7 we've finished prototyping and now have a model without any issues. We had to run an extra prototype to get the board capacitance right for the image sensor analog voltage stability.

So, the order for 40 boards along with a new test jig that can program 20 boards at a time has been placed. Hopefully MacroFab will have everything assembled and ready to test sometime in late February so we can verify our process is ready for mass production. After this we'll do an order for 1000 boards and start to ship OpenMV Cam M7s as they come off the manufacturing line.

In the mean time we'll keep pre-orders open at the $55 dollar price until we have the OpenMV Cam M7 in stock for general availability.

Big Software Update

We're almost ready to release a new version of the OpenMV Cam firmware with QR Code support. In fact, we've already done the firmware release on GitHub but we're in the process of getting everything ready still in OpenMV IDE. You'll see another email about the release once it's done in a few days.