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OpenMV Cam M7 News and Performance

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

One of the best features of the OpenMV Cam is the ability to track color. So, with the new OpenMV Cam M7 we maxed out the performance. Now you'll be able to track in color and in grayscale at 30 FPS for almost every resolution. Check it out!

Anyway, right now we're hard at work preparing the next firmware release with the improved find_blobs() code and find_qrcodes(). We should have the next firmware release along with an updated version of OpenMV IDE ready by next week. Note that you'll see a nice speed boost with the new find_blobs() code on your OpenMV Cam M4.

Additionally, we'll finally update the documentation with the next release! This includes lots of updated PYB module info - like pyb.stop() to drop your OpenMV Cam into low power mode (less than 1mA current draw).

OpenMV Cam M7 Manufacturing News

We got our second set of prototypes for the OpenMV Cam M7 back from MacroFab. They more or less work perfectly. However, we're still waiting on one more set of prototypes from MacroFab before we'll commit to the design. The final set of prototypes should be in our hands next week. Then we'll order two panels of 20 OpenMV Cams on each.

In the mean time, please continue to pre-order the OpenMV Cam M7 and get the word out about it.

Other cool stuff

Here's a nice line following video with the OpenMV Cam by Blake Emerton:

And here's an example of what the robot sees: