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OpenMV IDE v1.4.0 and Firmware v2.1.0 Released!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

QR Code Support for everyone is finally here! OpenMV IDE v1.4.0 w/ Firmware v2.1.0 with QR Code Support is now available for download. In addition to QR Code support we've fixed a ton of other things too - in particular:

  • New ORB Keypoints support for generic object recognition.
  • Faster find_blobs() functionality with a new blob object.
  • A keypoints editor in OpenMV IDE for ORB keypoints.
  • And... a new Color Threshold Editor in OpenMV IDE:

Threshold Editor

With the new Threshold Editor you'll be able to more easily determine the best color tracking settings for your OpenMV Cam. You can capture an image from either the frame buffer or from a file. Once the image is loaded you can then play with the color tracking settings until you think you have the best bounds for an object. Once you have the best bounds simply copy and paste the threshold settings into your script.

In addition to the new Threshold Editor we've also updated our color tracking scripts to show you how to use your OpenMV Cam more effectively. Moreover, we've also added Arduino SPI/I2C interfacing scripts for everyone to use to hook up their OpenMV Cam as a slave device to another microcontroller.

Documentation Updated

Finally! Our documentation is up to date (and it will stay that way). Check it out here. The quick reference is more detailed, the module reference has been updated, and we even now have some tutorial pages up. The updated documentation is also included with OpenMV IDE.

Better Bootloader

Last, we've updated our bootloader to work on more computers. Please help us test it out on our forums here.