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Pitching to Win

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hey Folks!

I was at the Embedded Vision Summit this week showing off OpenMV!


We had a booth setup with quad monitors, running multiple demos, along with plenty of post cards and business cards to hand out!



Then, at the end of summit I participated as one of the five finalist in the 2024 Vision Tank!



And, at the end, the judges liked what we got. OpenMV was picked as the 2024 Vision Tank winner!

Firmware v4.5.5 Released

Firmware v4.5.5 is out now which fixes some bugs related to cache invalidation in the frame buffer. If you ever noticed minor glitching that looks like corrupted horizontal lines in the image this new firmware should fix the issue. We also fixed some issues with the Arduino Portenta Vision Shield.

As for feature updates, we cleaned up the code with the .to_* methods. These now use a better argument parsing system and now support transposing images. scale()/crop()/copy() use the same backend too for transposing images.

Note: If you were using any of the pool() methods these have been removed. Please use scale() instead which is vastly superior and supports fractional image scaling. The examples have been updated to show off this change.


That's all folks!