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Better Shields are Finally Here!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi Everyone!

The new shields I promised are finally here and in stock! It took longer than I thought to get them in stock. But, it's finally done!

Each of these shields will more easily let you use your OpenMV Cam to do real-work without you having to figure out the electrical details. All shields work with the OpenMV Cam RT1062 and, except for the PoE shield, every previous OpenMV Cam model too like the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus.

3D Printable Case Coming Soon

We've finished the process of porting all our old Eagle files and designs to Altium including generating 3D CAD for all of them. Now that this process is done we're working on case designs for the OpenMV Cam. We plan to create an injection molded IP rated case for using your OpenMV Cam outdoors. However, we also want to make something smaller and more accessible for everyone. To that end, we're designing this 3D printable case you can make at home:

This case design gives you a good starting point for using your OpenMV Cam in the wild. It has the following features:

  • There's space to stick a 400mA lipo battery inside of the case.
  • You can easily press the user and power buttons through the case.
  • On the back we've added a tripod screw mount.
  • And we've got a snap on gopro mount and wall mount!

We'll be hard at work over the next month posting these designs up on the product pages. We will also be offering covers for shields too - they will not be left out! We want to make it easy for folks to be able to quickly remix what we've done for a particular application without having to design everything from scratch. We hope the new case will make this easy.

Big TensorFlow Update Coming Soon

Finally, while not quite ready yet, we've got some big updates coming soon for TensorFlow support. In the next email update I'll be talking about major changes we're making to support you being able to run any model you want on the OpenMV Cam. YOLO? Multi-head output networks? Yes.

That's all folks!