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All OpenMV Cam M7's queued to ship!

Hi Everyone!

We're finally here - all OpenMV Cam M7's have been queued to ship! This means if you haven't yet gotten a tracking number for your order you will receive once next week.

Additionally, once all OpenMV Cam M7 orders have shipped we'll start selling OpenMV Cam M7s on the store without a pre-order wait. Yay!

Also, we've gotten a lot of distributor orders too. OpenMV Cam M7's are going to be in stock around the world!

New Features

Data Matrix decoding support is now built-in to your OpenMV Cam! Thanks to the Open Source C library libdmtx you can now read data matrix bar codes as easily as you can read qr codes with your OpenMV Cam M7. Checkout the video below:

Also, I took the time to make a video for barcode detection now too so that you can see how smoothly that works on the new OpenMV Cam M7:

By adding both data matrix decoding and barcode decoding to the OpenMV Cam M7 feature list we're now at almost parity with libzxing - the gold standard library for 1D/2D bar code detection. Here's a nice comparison chart:

ZXING Comparison

We're only missing Aztec and PDF 417 2D barcode decoding support now. That said, we're going to stop expanding on support for 1D/2D barcodes now as there are no free and open source C libraries that I know of for Aztec and PDF 417 barcode decoding. Anyway, we've got enough functionality built-in now that you should easily be able to use your OpenMV Cam to scan things without much effort.

And... that's all for this update.


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