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OpenMV IDE v1.5.0 is here!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hey folks,

OpenMV IDE is v1.5.0 with generic MicroPython board support is finally available for download! In addition to the Open Terminal feature which was explained previously in the last update we've now got syntax highlighting working, documentation tool tip hints on keyword mouse over, and auto completion operational.

Documentation Tool Tips

Tool Tips

Now when you hover your mouse cursor over any highlighted keyword in the editor OpenMV IDE will display a tool tip with the documentation for that keyword. OpenMV IDE pulls the documentation from the HTML documentation web pages on startup. This feature will let you develop your python code a lot easier as you won't have to look at the HTML pages so much anymore.

Auto Completion

Auto Completion

Whenever you type "." after some valid identifier OpenMV IDE will automatically show you a list of all the constructors/functions/methods/variables. As you type OpenMV IDE will automatically narrow the proposal list. The matching functionality is smart and uses a complex regular expression pattern to match typing things like "fb" to "find_blobs". Anyway, it's really good and will save you a lot of time typing.

Function Parameter Hints

Function Hints

But wait, there's more! Once you finish typing in the function/method name OpenMV IDE will then walk you through the parameters of the function/method. The logic behind this feature fully understands the function call context you're in so it's capable of handling nested function calls within function calls and etc.

Open Terminal

Open Terminal

Finally, as explained in the last update we've got the Open Terminal feature available now. Wirelessly debugging your OpenMV Cam is now a possibility along with using OpenMV IDE with all your MicroPython boards.

OpenMV Cam M7 Boards

We'll be shipping out the 40 OpenMV Cam M7 boards mentioned in the last update that we have available to supporters next week. For folks who are receiving these early boards please note that you need to manually update your firmware using OpenMV IDE! These early release boards will ship with a pre-released v2.2.0 firmware that doesn't have all the fixes for the v2.2.0 firmware in it.

As for the general production run of 1000 OpenMV Cams everything has been paid for, ordered, and going smoothly.