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OpenMV Cam M7s off to production!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Great news everyone! We'e finished our programming jig for the OpenMV Cam M7 and verified two panels of 20 OpenMV Cam M7s each. All worked! So, we're now starting mass production of OpenMV Cam M7s! MacroFab informs us that we'll be able to start shipping the first batch of OpenMV Cam M7s sometime in April. We'll have more concrete dates soon.

The new programming jig

We put a lot more effort into designing the new programming jig this time. Our previous jig for the OpenMV Cam M4 could do 5 boards at a time before an operator had to touch anything. The new one can now do 20.

Programming Jig

Even better, the new jig is completely controlled through software on the PC. The operator just needs to click a run button after loading the jig with a panel and the PC software will program, verify, and test each OpenMV cam (5 at a time) automatically.

Programming Jig

Anyway, the new programming jig is going to make cranking out OpenMV Cams a lot easier. Finally, I'd like to give a shout-out to MacroFab for helping us make the jig a reality. They took care of all the physical design of the jig for us while OpenMV just had to supply the software.

OpenMV IDE and Generic MicroPython Board Support

OpenMV IDE now includes the ability to open generic serial terminals for remotely debugging OpenMV Cams. You'll now be able to connect to and run scripts over standard serial, bluetooth, tcp, and udp ports (we'll also be able to support SSL ports too if there's enough demand for it). This new feature works using the standard REPL feature built-into all MicroPython boards so you'll be able to use any MicroPython board with OpenMV IDE now. Checkout the video below for more information.

Early Acess for OpenMV Cam M7 boards

As stated above we've got 40 OpenMV Cam M7 boards available now. We're going to be sending these out to folks who've helped promote OpenMV and folks who we're doing business with. That said, we might have a few left afterwards. Please email us at if you'd like to inquire about getting an OpenMV Cam M7 early.

Pre-order Pricing Ending

Last but not least pre-order pricing ends at the end of the month. Pre-order an OpenMV Cam M7 now for the special $55 price.