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Manufacturing of 2.5K OpenMV Cams starting soon!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi folks,

We've got a lot of news today, so, here we go:

Manufacturing Update

MacroFab has informed me that 2.5K OV7725 sensors will be in their hands on July 10th. They've already got all the other parts necessary to make OpenMV Cams in stock and we expect them to start manufacturing more or less by next week. Woot!

In related news, we've already received ~800 pre-orders of OpenMV Cam M7s. So, we're only going to have 1.7K OpenMV Cams actually in stock. Finally, in unrelated news, UFACTORY's order of 1200 OpenMV Cams were delivered too. So, if you bought a uARM pro you should be getting one with an OpenMV Cam M7!

New Features

Kwabena recently moved to Oakland CA and is now participating in the DYI Robocars Meetup. To enable the OpenMV Cam to compete we're adding new functionality for the track.

Linear Regression support for line following

RAW video record and playback for tuning algorithms

Finally, blob tracking right out of the box should let you easily compete

More Videos

Just to keep everyone on our mailing list up to date here are some more user videos! Follow us on twitter for video updates and news as it happens. We're trying to keep the blog post updates at a low frequency so as to not be annoying.

Precision Loiter and Landing with OpenMV on April Tags Pad

Quad 330 chasing balloon with OpenMV

OpenMV and ArduPilot tracking red ball

Patrick's posted more info on this on the forum here.

Anyway, that's all folks!