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Wireless TV Shield

$30.00 USD
Wireless TV Shield

Wireless TV Shield

$30.00 USD

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The Wireless TV Shield gives your OpenMV Cam a way to wirelessly transmit video at high speed over a long range. It works using a SPI to NTSC chip attached to an 5.8 GHz analog broadcast chip. The Wireless TV Shield is as easy to use as the LCD shield and only requires you to init() it followed by calling display() to set the frame buffer in the NTSC generator chip. Your OpenMV Cam's firmware includes built-in support for the wireless TV shield and OpenMV IDE comes with example code.

  • 352x240 Color Output Resolution (NTSC SIF resolution)
  • 60 Hz Frame Rate


If you've ever wanted to mount your OpenMV Cam to a drone and transmit video back to an FPV screen this shield makes it possible. You just need to get a display capable to showing 5.8 GHz analog NTSC video.


Wireless TV Shield Pinout

Notes: The Wireless TV Shield only outputs NTSC video (not PAL - this is because the video generator chip requires a fixed freq crystal). You can get access to the analog video via the 3 holes on the front the board where (video/VIN/GND) are broken out.



Weight 8g
Length 27mm
Width 35mm
Height 20mm

Temperature Range

Storage -40°C to 85°C
Operating -10°C to 60°C

Shipping Information

Country of Origin China
HS Code 854290
Wieght 8.0g