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Polarizing Filter

$10.00 USD
Polarizing Filter

Polarizing Filter

$10.00 USD

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We're taking pre-orders for these if you'd like to help us do a bulk purchase. I.e. please buy 10 or more and put only that in your cart. If you add these to your order with other items we'll have to drop them from your order. We've already tested the custom size and that's good. So, now we're just finishing up some other business expenses before ordering 1K or more. Any large pre-orders will help us pay for these things. They are pricey and have to be ordered in bulk.

This linear polarizing filter gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to see in environments with intense sunlight. You absolutely need a linear polarizing filter if you plan on doing any application that involves pointing the OpenMV Cam down at something that could be lit by sunlight.

We get these polarizing filters custom made for us to fit inside your OpenMV Cam's M12 lens mount from Edmund's Optics. This is why they are a little pricey. But, they are defiantly worth it.

Filter Performance


Mount the polarizing filter inside of your OpenMV Cam's lens mount (also, make sure to take the protective film off the front and back of the polarizing filter). Depending on the orientation you mount the polarizing filter it will filter out horizontally or vertically polarized light. You most likely will need to test the filter with your OpenMV Cam twice to get the orientation right.


Without a filter

w/ the default 2.8mm lens
w/ IR cut filter
Without Filter
With a filter

w/ the default 2.8mm lens
w/ IR cut filter
With Filter


Type Linear Polarizer
Extinction Ratio 9000
Wavelength Range (nm) 400 - 700
Thickness Tolerance (%) ±10
Transmission (%) Single: 42
Parallel: 36
Crossed: <0.004
Construction Polarizing Film
Weight 0.1g
Length 14mm
Width 14mm
Height 0.18mm

Temperature Range

Storage -40°C to 80°C
Operating -40°C to 80°C