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OpenMV IDE 2.5.0 Release

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi everyone,

OpenMV IDE v2.5.0 Released

A new version of OpenMV IDE has been released with a new feature called the Dataset Editor! With the Dataset Editor you can now quickly and easily capture images with your OpenMV Cam for training a Image Classifier Tensor Flow Lite CNN. For more information watch the video below:

For training a CNN we're going to be partnering with Edge Impulse to deliver this capability. We'll have more news about training CNNs in the cloud soon. For now, you can start easily making datasets using OpenMV IDE!

Bug Fixes

OpenMV IDE v2.5.0 also incorporates a lot of bug fixes!

  • There's a download progress bar on installing resources now.
  • We switched DFU support to using DFU Util.
  • DFU/FFMPEG status output in a terminal window appears now.
  • Centering of the frame buffer when not zooming is fixed.
  • Desktop shortcut install on Windows and the Rasberry Pi.
  • Many Bad Translations have been fixed.
  • Focus Stealing on Linux when updating firmware is fixed.
  • And more!

We expect to release OpenMV IDE v2.5.1 soon to address many more open bugs on github. So, if you see an issue please submit a bug report about it on GitHub so we can get it fixed.

GitHub Sponsorship

Finally, please signup to sponsor us on GitHub! We've been paying Larry to work on adding high performance bilinear and bicubic scaling support which will come out soon. Once the code is ready we'll add scaling option support to many of the methods in our firmware. For example, you'll be able to scale up 32x24 thermal images taken with an MLX90640 using bicubic scaling and overlay that thermal image on visual data for high quality thermal image rendering. Or, apply bilinear/bicubic scaling to lens correction for a better quality image. If you like seeing advanced features like this come to the OpenMV Cam, with impressive performance numbers, then please consider sponsoring us on GitHub.