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OpenMV Cam RT1062 Approved for Production!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi Folks!

Great news this time! The OpenMV Cam RT1062 has been approved for mass production!!!

OpenMV Cam RT1062

Our Rev4 prototypes have passed all tests and work perfectly. They go down to 30uA out of the box in low-power mode, the SD card reliably works, and you can switch between power supplies on-the-go while the camera is actively running! All of these things were an issue with our Rev3 boards.

Side note, USB file transfer now runs at 10MB/s! 10x faster than our previous generation of OpenMV Cams! You can also easily hit 20 MB/s writing to the disk using the ImageIO class. There's more optimization work to-do to get that performance everywhere. But, we're starting to put up real numbers nowadays.

So, we've let our CM know and they are now gearing up to start mass production and are ordering parts for 2500 units. I don't have exact timelines yet for when we can start shipping, but, we should be able to finish production in late October and start shipping right afterwards.

OpenMV Cam RT1062

I know that it has taken half a year to get these units out the door, but, thank you for waiting patiently. Switching to a new MCU was not easy. But, thanks to the extra time while waiting for hardware prototypes we should have all drivers operational at the highest level by the time we start shipping. This is our first professionally engineered design that uses every single I/O pin on the MCU and that actually achieves a real-low power envelope making it useful in battery powered applications. Even more so, it has WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet onboard giving you actual comms to connect to the world.

The OpenMV Cam RT1062 is a game-changing MicroPython board. Pre-order it now!

And last but not least, there's JTAG onboard, so, you can single step debug it if you want to change the code onboard. So... it's like a real dev board. Amazing!

OpenMV Cam RT1062

OpenMV around the Web

Anton from Anton's Mindstorms loves using the OpenMV Cam with Legos. He sent us a message earlier this month by sharing some of his projects with us:

You can build this project yourself by following the guide here! Aton also has a Lego robot kicker project based on the OpenMV Cam too!

If you are interested in interfacing your OpenMV Cam with LEGO you can buy his MINDSTORMS EV3 interface shield here:

Anton also has a breakout for the SPIKE Prime too:

Thanks for the love Anton!