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OpenMV Cam H7 Plus Pre-order Available!

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi everyone,

The OpenMV Cam H7 Plus is now available for pre-order!

OpenMV Cam H7 Plus

The new camera model works just like an OpenMV Cam H7 but without any resolutions limits! Feel free to run color tracking and more on 5 mega-pixel images.

The new system features 32 MB of external SDRAM and 32 MB of external FLASH along with the OV5640 5 Mega Pixel Camera Sensor. We've set everything up such that 16 MB of the flash appears as the uPy drive now for your OpenMV Cam when you plug it into a computer without an SD card. This lets you store TensorFlow models on the camera directly without having to use an SD card. As for the SDRAM, our firmware seamlessly uses that as the frame buffer for all our algorithms. Additionally, our frame buffer allocation code will try to use the internal SRAM on the STM32H743 chip when possible instead of the SDRAM frame buffer for caching data structures thus improving performance when things fit inside internal SRAM.

Anyway, feel-free to pre-order the system now! We expect to deliver the unit in late February or early March. We've already paid for the production run for 1K units and we are just waiting on parts. If you do pre-order the system please avoid buying anything else with your order at the same time so as to not lock our inventory up.


Finally, I just wanted to send out an update that our partner Luxonis is still running their DepthAI Crowd Supply Campaign. If you're interested in running high powered neural networks on a Raspberry Pi combined with a Intel Movidius Myriad X check them out!