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October 2017 Update

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi everyone,

We've got a lot of news for you today. Here we go!

Open-Source-Hardware Conference

I was at the Open-Source-Hardware Conference this year. There were a lot of great talks. I'd like to give a shout out to the management team for a job well done! Anyway, I didn't give a talk this year. But, I put some time in to extract my talk from the Open-Source-Hardware Conference 2016 video stream. Enjoy!

Robocar Instructable

Now for something useful for everyone. The OpenMV Cam Robocar Instructable is finally complete! If you've ever wanted to build a fast line following robot and easily compete in DIY Robocar competitions you now can! The OpenMV Cam Robocar Instructable shows you how to build your own Robocar and gives you starter code to work with that will have you racing fast immediately!

This is a picture of the instructions below. Click on the picture for the full instructions.




I put a ton of work into this and actually followed my own instructions to build the car - so, the instructions are legit. Enjoy!

OpenMV IDE News

Video recording and WiFi connection support has been implemented for OpenMV IDE! We just have a bunch of bug fixes and graphical fixes (polishing) to work through before releasing OpenMV IDE v1.8.0. If you've noticed any bugs in the IDE please let us know and we'll roll those fixes in for the next release.

Anyway, here's a video showing off the new video recording feature built-in to OpenMV IDE!

Firmware News

Ibrahim has finished updating the OpenMV Cam firmware to use MicroPython v1.9.2! That said, while we've implemented WiFi support in OpenMV IDE, we're going to delay the roll out of WiFi programming until the next OpenMV Cam firmware release due to a backlog of firmware work we have to get through.

Translating OpenMV IDE

OpenMV IDE is getting more and more stable and it's about time we get it translated into more languages. By using Google Translation Tools we'll be able to automate the translation of all the text in OpenMV IDE for almost any language. But, we need native speakers to review the translated output and correct any issues. If you're interested in helping, please let us know so we can figure out a plan of action for getting this done for OpenMV IDE v1.9.0 (the OpenMV IDE release after next).

Website Issues

A number of folks have been having issues accessing and If you cannot access these subdomains please let us know. An email from you about this problem and your IP address, if possible, would be extremely helpful. We've been getting reports about folks not being able to access these two sites for about two weeks now and we're trying to solve the problem by working with Namecheap (our webhost). We believe the problem is being caused by Namecheap's firewall, but, without IP address info it's hard to tell. From our end the sites are accessible and nothing on our webserver was changed before folks started having these problems.

Anyway, If this issue isn't resolved soon we'll start putting some work into migrating our subdomains to a new hosting provider to fix this issue.