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New Support for the MLX90640 and AMG8833 Thermal Vision Sensors

Hi folks,

First, thank you to everyone who's backed our Kickstarter for the OpenMV Cam H7! We're 70% funded now! However, we still need everyone's support. If you haven't backed us yet please help out. We're primarily doing the OpenMV Cam H7 Kickstarter to raise funds to do a factory order of STM32H743VIT6 chips. While we have enough funds to continue building OpenMV Cam M7s continuously we're trying to "level-up" with this Kickstarter to have access to lower prices for the main processor. The OpenMV Cam H7 is ALOT better than the OpenMV Cam M7 in terms of vision quality and performance. You're definitely going to like it.

New MLX90640 and AMG8833 Thermal Vision Sensor Support

For the next OpenMV software release we'll be supporting the MLX90640 and AMG8833 thermal vision sensors. While not as awesome as the FLIR Lepton sensors these two other sensors provide a cheap way to play around with thermal vision on your OpenMV Cam. The MLX90640 has a resolution of 32x24 for about $70 and the AMG8833 has a resolution of 8x8 for about $40. Both sensors can be used with methods like find_blobs() to make thermal vision tracking applications. For a demonstration (shot with the OpenMV Cam M7) see the video below.

Once we get the next software release out you'll be able to play with thermal vision on your OpenMV Cam M7 immediately. For purchasing you can buy these sensors at SparkFun:

MLX90640 (55 degree FoV) - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14844

MLX90640 (110 degree FoV) - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14843

AMG8833 - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14607

Don't forget to buy some Qwiic cables too. You just then just need to hookup P4 to SCL and P5 to SDA you're ready to play (and hookup GND to GND and 3.3V to 3.3V).