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IDE Update News

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi everyone!

IDE Update Progress

So, I don't have a lot of news this week. However, the IDE update is going smoothy. We've implemented support for normal and high-dpi mode in the IDE and support for light/dark mode in the IDE. Here's how things will look!

IDE Dark

Syntax highlighting has been greatly improved and is now quite a bit smarter. In general, you should notice a much higher level of polish in the new IDE. I've really focused on making everything look pixel perfect.

IDE Light

Light mode is a new feature which makes the IDE easier to look at when you are outside on a laptop screen. We've had some users asking for this feature for a while now and we are happy to have this coming out soon.

Other Stuff

And of-course... the IDE update comes with bug fixes for a wide range of issues. SSL support has been fixed, disappearing menus, etc.

Production Prototypes Update

We're a bit delayed on the production prototypes. Our contract manufacturer recommended we change the via sizes on the PCB from 4 mil to 8 mil and update wire spacing from 3 mil to 4 mil to improve yield and reduce PCB cost. These weren't an issue for MacroFab. But, when building 2500 PCBs versus 20 these things matter. Anyway, we hope to be able to stay on schedule as it should take less time to manufacture more simple PCBs than if we had moved forward with the more complex design.

And... that's all folks!