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Fun with AVI Files

Posted by Kwabena Agyeman on

Hi Folks!

We're starting the new year off right with something fun for everyone! Hardware JPEG decompressor support for the STM32 was just merged into main. This allows you to now playback MJPEG files!

While not particularly useful for machine vision playing back MJPEG files is a nice to have though. Anyway, you can read more about how to play your own videos yourself on the forums here.

Nominate Us for the Vision Tank!

Vision Tank

OpenMV applied to the Embedded Vision Summit Vision Tank this year! We could use your help being nominated for the competition. Winning will give us much needed publicity! Please nominate us here!

  • Start-up Name: OpenMV, LLC
  • Start-up Contact Name: Kwabena Agyeman
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Around the Internet

Finally, our friends at Field Data Tech used the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus to help save endangered birds and their work was published in IEEE Xplore (you can download the paper here)! You can checkout their poster below:

C.J. Woodman, Ridlon, A., Brightsmith, D.J. (2022) Predicting hatching dates for avian species using infrared cameras and machine learning models, 2022 National Veterinary Scholars Symposium, poster presented by Ashley Ridlon, August 5, 2022.