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Motor Shield

$20.00 USD
Motor Shield

Motor Shield

$20.00 USD

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The motor shields provides a convenient way of powering your OpenMV Cam and controlling low-power motors in one package. It features a 5V linear regulator to power your OpenMV Cam from a battery along with a motor driver chip to power two less than 2A low-power motors from the same battery.

The motor driver chip has 2 pins per motor to set its internal H-Bridge direction for each motor and an additional pin per motor for PWM control. So, once you set your driving direction you just have to control the PWM per motor.

Q: Can I use the motor shield with the servo shield at the same time?
A: Yes, absolutely. They both use different pins.

Q: Can I use the motor shield with the pan and tilt shield at the same time?
A: No, this doesn't work.


The motor driver shield is all you need to make an OpenMV Cam robot that can drive around. Any robot chassis you can buy on online will do!

You can also use the motor driver shield to control solenoids or any electromechanical circuit that draws less than 2A. The motor driver chip has 4 push-pull outputs.


Motor Shield Pinout

Schematic & Datasheets


Weight 10g
Length 27mm
Width 36mm
Height 20mm

Temperature Range

Storage 0°C to 85°C
Operating -40°C to 85°C

Shipping Information

Country of Origin China
HS Code 854290
Wieght 10.0g