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Servo Shield V2

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The Servo Shield V2 allows your OpenMV Cam to directly control up to 4 standard hobby servos via P7/P8/P9/P10. Each output is buffered and boosted to 0-5V. If you don't need an output it can be disconnected via a solder-bridge jumper too.

The shield features a wide voltage range 6-36V input, which is robust to reverse voltage and features robust transient surge protection. Use this input to power your OpenMV Cam from 12/24V power supplies without having to worry about damaging your camera. The wide range voltage supply outputs 5.4V on VIN via an OR'ing diode so that you can power your OpenMV Cam from multiple shields with OR'ing diodes (e.g. all of our dual header column shields).

The wide voltage range regulator onboard also is capable of powering the 4 standard hobby servos as it can provide up to 5A for the servos in addition to powering the OpenMV Cam.

The shield also features a robust 0-5V ADC input (AIN) that outputs 0-3.3V to your OpenMV Cam on P6. The input is robust to reverse voltage and features overvoltage protection (tested up to +/-36V). By shorting a solder bridge jumper on the board, which supplies a 240 ohm load on the input, you can work in 4-20mA mode. If you don't need the ADC input, you can disconnect it from P6, too.

Finally, the shield features a robust 0-5V digital input/output. The P10 Servo header Pin is tolerant to reverse voltage (tested with -12V), shorting to ground, and shorting to 12V. By default, the P10 Servo Header Pin acts as a digital input driving P10 in Open-Drain Mode so that you can support input triggering from multiple sources, all driving P10. Alternatively, you can switch P10 Servo Header Pin to be a digital output driving 0-5V for triggering devices from your OpenMV Cam instead of being triggered by them. So, whatever your use case is for triggering, the shield accommodates. If you don't need the trigger input/output, you can disconnect it from P10, too.

This shield is compatible with all OpenMV Cam models.


The Servo Shield V2 is perfect for building a robot using your OpenMV Cam. You can directly power three/four servo motors from it and get power directly from 7.4V LiPO batteries.

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