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FLIR® Lepton® Adapter Module

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The FLIR® Lepton® Adapter Module allows your OpenMV Cam to interface with the FLIR® Lepton® 1/2/3 Thermal Imaging sensors for Thermal Vision applications.

The actual FLIR® Lepton® Camera Sensor is sold separately which you can buy at the GroupGets Store. The FLIR® Lepton® Camera Sensor modules are export controlled so it's difficult for anyone but GroupGets to sell them.


By using thermal imaging your OpenMV Cam can see in the dark in conditions with no external lighting. FLIR® Lepton®s are extremely useful for tracking living things in environments along with being able to measure the temperature of objects.

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Camera Module Design

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Jones
I really enjoy this camera, how the heck is he getting 25 fps in the demo?

I get around 8.5 and I think docs say that it's a max due to exportability concerns, TAR EAR, something...

The FLIR Lepton 1 does 27 FPS but 1/3rd the frames are repeat frames. The FLIR Letpon 3 does 9 FPS bus sends no repeat frames.

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