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OV5640 FPC Camera Module

$20.00 USD
OV5640 FPC Camera Module

OV5640 FPC Camera Module

$20.00 USD

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The OV5640 FPC Camera Module pairs nicely with the OpenMV Cam H7 giving you the same high resolution jpeg taking capabilities of the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus. This module is built using the FPC version of the OV5640 sensor which features auto-focus. The OV5640 image sensor is capable of taking 2592x1944 (5MP) images. The sensor supports Grayscale, RGB565, JPEG, YUV422, and Bayer image formats. Depending on the resolution you can achieve up to 120 FPS frame rates (see the IR LED Tracking Example).

Given the limited frambuffer RAM (~400 KB) on the OpenMV Cam H7 you will only be able store a maximum standard resolution of up to (you can get more pixels with a higher resolution that is cropped):

  • Grayscale: 640x480
  • RGB565: 320x240
  • JPEG: 2560x1944
    • Note: the OpenMV Cam H7 will have trouble streaming this size of image to the IDE. Any resolutions larger than 640x480 will not fit nicely in the OpenMV Cam H7's JPEG buffer (~32 KB) that the IDE reads asynchronously. This will result in a huge performance penalty while connected to the IDE as the IDE will block the main program loop during frame readout from the main framebuffer instead of the jpeg buffer.
    • We recommend JPEG mode for only taking high resolution pictures.
  • YUV422: 640x480
  • BAYER: 640x480



Horizontal Resolution 2592 pixels (3.6746mm)
1.4um pixel pitch
Vertical Resolution 1944 pixels (2.7384mm)
1.4um pixel pitch
Lens Info Focal Length: Variable
Aperture: F2.0
Format: 1/4"
IR Cut Filter: 650nm
Weight 2g
Length 35mm
Width 18mm
Height 10mm

Temperature Range

Storage -40°C to 95°C
Operating -30°C to 70°C

Shipping Information

Country of Origin China
HS Code 854290